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Dyer of Luxury Yarns and Fibers for those that need a break from the mundane.

Supernova Dyeworks, originally called Icemelon's Stash, was started in 2008 and is operated by Danna Brunger. She's got a way of doing things in a meandering kind of way, and her fiber journey took a slightly different turn than most. Crocheting came first, and she then learned how to spin yarn because it looked so cool. But oh wait, there are fun colors of spinning fiber? So she learned how to dye wool to feed her spinning wheel. Around this time she was selling hand crochet hats and accessories at local craft shows, so she added her hand spun yarn and hand dyed fiber into the mix. She figured knitting couldn't be that hard to learn, and could be found any random weekend sitting behind her little table at a craft show crocheting or knitting up a storm. After a few months she started experimenting with dyeing yarn, and everything took off after that. 

Her unorthodox approach colors her products as well (pun intended), and often comments like "I LOVE these colors together, I never would have thought of that!" can be heard in the booth at fiber festivals.
Brightly colored, often sparkly, always soft. Her colorways are named after her current media obsessions, internet memes, or other inside jokes. 

Danna peddles her yarn at live festivals all around the Midwest, on Ravelry, Facebook, and Instagram. You can find her yarn and fiber at Woven Art in East Lansing, MI. She's been seen doing impromptu sales at coffee shops, and has been known to have an actual trunk sale in a parking lot before. 


Contact information:

SupernovaDyeworks AT gmail DOT com

Wholesale orders are available and welcomed! Email the address above to be sent an informational packet. 

Opportunities are also available for custom clubs or exclusive yarn shop colorways.

Live Show List:

YarnCon - Chicago, IL
Stitches Midwest - Schaumburg, IL
Wine and Wool - Jackson, MI
Northern Lamb and Wool - West Branch, MI
Michigan Fiber Festival - Allegan, MI
Great Lakes Fiber Show - Wooster, OH
Fiber Expo - Ann Arbor, MI
LlamaFest - East Lansing, MI


A Word From Danna:

30-something white woman is hugging various knit samples close to her face, and she is smiling.

 Hi, it's me, the face behind the yarn! My name is Danna and I love playing with color. I've been dyeing yarn and fiber for over 10 years, and I'm still finding new things to inspire me. Supernova Dyeworks is officially a one-woman show, but unofficially I have a few trusted friends and family that sometimes help keep things running. What started as "hey that looks fun I wanna try that" quickly evolved into a "this is great, I need to share this with everyone". Thank you everyone for your continued support! Sharing my hand dyed yarn and fiber with you guys is honestly such a joy, and I hope to continue to do this for as long as I can. Knit on!